D’ Antonio International is a company that delivers design & engineering, as well as project management for governments and clients to diverse industries around the world. As one of the world’s leading architectural designers, they provide an array of diverse technical professional consultants and construction services.

Today, D’Antonio continues to develop and implement innovative solutions for continues to develop and implement innovative solutions for complex project issues in diverse industries, including mass housing projects, government services, life sciences; and commercial and institutional manufacturing and transportation infrastructure.

D’Antonio International is your one-stop solution for drafting, engineering, procuring, establishing, and administering the construction projects of the private and public sectors. From urban centers and flat mainland’s to quiet towns and the Rocky Mountains, we have got you covered all across the globe.

With us, all your construction dreams are in safe hands. We take your ideas, sketch them into a master plan, and walk them through various phases till they stand tall and high. Our dedication and sincerity towards your project distinguish us from our competitors. We employ detailed feasibility tests, management skills, technological innovations, and structural creativity to make each construction venture a feather in our hat!

dantoniointl about us

Founded in 1984, we have maintained our reputation as one of the leading companies performing precise engineering and construction work within the emerging housing industry.

We provide exclusive featured services related to different stages of a construction venture such as Master Planning, National Development Planning, Industrial Analyses, and Free Trade Zone Planning, and Community Planning. Not only this, but our experts also use contemporary statistical tools and mathematical calculations to carry out analyses and evaluations of projects during different stages of completion from drafting to commissioning. Along with this, they are also adept at presenting detailed layouts of Port and Marine Studies, Passenger Studies, Technical Studies, and Organization Development.



In this ever-evolving world of Construction and engineering, we always strive to become a better version of ourselves. Customer Satisfaction being our priority we always look forward to thinking of innovative ways to provide better services.


To be the leader in Construction and engineering by Committing and providing the highest level of service with creativity, Integrity, and a passion for achieving great results.


The lack of electricity in developing countries creates a negative impact on the heath of the nation’s people. The use of natural fuels such as firewood creates indoor air pollution that kills up to 4 million people annually. This exceeds the total deaths of malaria, tuberculosis and AIDS combines. The lack of light creates an unfit environment for excepting mothers. It has been recorded that 36,000 deaths of women in Nigeria alone that die during childbirth every year because lifesaving medical care is interrupted by lack of lighting. Solar panels create a clean energy source that can replace unsafe habits and has the ability to save millions of people’s lives.

Driving Economic Strength and Innovation We will ensure sustainable profitability through the effective management of all processes and resources and the continuing innovation of products and services.


Achieving Excellence in Occupational Health and Safety We are committed to continuously enhancing the occupational health and safety conditions of our employees, contractors, and third parties.

Reducing our Environmental Footprint  We are committed to fulfilling our share of the global responsibility to keep temperature rise below 2°C, and we will continue to reduce our impacts on air, land and water.

Being a Good Neighbor We are committed to supporting the social and economic development of our neighboring communities and ensure transparent communication to all our stakeholders.

Ensuring Compliance and Creating Transparency We adhere to international human rights, anti-corruption and labor standards and co-operate pro-actively in an open and transparent manner with all our stakeholders.