Colorado Estate

The concept of the Colorado Strret Wose II Incorporating a raft of modern colonial style house design ideas into an imposing and stately project, this property reflects the majesty of the Colorado setting while also providing the intimate spaces for everyday living.
  1. LOCATION : Colorado
  2. TYPE: Housing – Residential
  3. SITE AREA :   ± 3.200 m2
  4. GFA:  ± 9.480 m2
  5. HEIGHT: 2nd Floor
  6. SERVICE: Architecture & Interior Design
  7. STATUS: On Construction
This project has central point of interest because the shape of building has center and symmetric space to receive the guest. The space of interior also describes the zonation area from public to private area it’s mean that the users of this house can comfort to do the activity in house.
The concept of the Colorado Strret Wose II goes the extra mile in selecting all products that will be used in the building process. After all the interior spaces are created, then make selections to fill those spaces and beautify them with furnishings, art pieces, window coverings and draperies, and any other elements needed to complete the ambience.