Capabilities & Services

As a flexible International team, D’Antonio has an integrated range of capabilities and services allowing us to successfully satisfy the needs of projects around the world.



  • Conceptual Plans
  • Renderings
  • Complete Designs






Project Leadership & Management

Project Planning

Site Sourcing & Evaluation

Development Approvals & Entitlements

Pre-Development Services to Permits in Hand

Construction Bidding, Coordination, Supervision

Project Procurement

  • Finishes Selection
  • Building Materials
  • Furniture

At D’Antonio we can work in full collaboration with our clients or independently, depending on our clients’ preference. Our goal is to maximize our projects’ outcomes for all interested parties.

Project Evaluation,
Due Diligence, Planning

What we did:

  • Initial Acquisition Evaluation
  • Highest and Best Use Analysis
  • Site Plan
  • Renderings


Real Estate Investor

Site Planning For 264 Unit Multi-Family Property. Rezoning And Comp Plan

What we did:

  • Initial Site Plan
  • Analysis for Process of Rezoning and Comp Plan Amendment
  • Initiated Rezoning and Comp Plan Amendment Process With Civil Engineers & Attorney


Land Owner

What we did:

  • Master Plan
  • Cement Plant Design And Engineering
  • Workforce Housing Architectural, Engineering, And Development Plans


African Government

Master Plan For Cement Plant With Workforce Housing

Master Plan For Mixed Residential Housing

What we did:

Site Plan For Mixed Residential Housing including:

  • Villa Mansions
  • Semi-Detached Flats
  • Row/Terrace Houses
  • Blocks of Flats
  • 1-BR
  • 2-BR
  • 3-BR