Environmental, social, economic, and equality factors are integrated into our projects

Environmental, social, economic, and equality factors are integrated into our projects

Environmental, social, economic, and equality factors are integrated into our projects

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D-Antonio is an international team of visionary designers, architects, planners, developers and consultants. We have always believed that good, responsible design is only possible through significant contributions from a range of different disciplines and technical expertise.

Over several decades we have designed and delivered work in cities across USA, Asia, Europe, Africa, and South America. D’antonio International is your one-stop solution for designing, engineering, planning, procuring, and administering exceptional development and construction projects. with focus areas on sustainability, Interior design, graphics, and development services.

With focus areas in sustainability


D-Antonio’s vision is to be the leader in design, construction, and engineering by committing to and providing, the highest level of service with creativity, Integrity, and a passion for achieving exceptional outcomes.

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We take our customer relations very seriously and we believe in forging long-term relations with the utmost amount of trust and top-notch quality of work D’antonio has been chosen by clients across the globe for over 36 years as their company of choice to complete challenging and innovative projects. D’antonio – as an international company, provides the flexibility and the integrated range of resources to serve virtually any project in the world.

Our vast variety of clients and geographic diversity has allowed our team to evolve with extensive creative approaches and integrate the best practices in the industry. Value-focused, our team strives to provide the best quality with the least resources even in the most remote areas of the world.

Clients among many
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In design – engineering world, We take our customer relations very seriously and we believe in forging long-term relations with the utmost amount of trust and top innovative quality work.

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Robin Toetenel

Interior Design

Robin is the founder of Ethnic Chic, and chief interior designer and is responsible for overseeing the design team and the company's overall creative vision. With nearly two decades of experience in the industry, Robin has a keen eye for blending history and contemporary design to create unique and timeless interiors. His studio is known for sourcing the rarest and most exclusive products from around the world, and for their sophisticated and elegant approach to design.

Ned Wang

Chief Civil Engineer and Planner

Ned is a highly experienced chief civil and planning engineer with a career spanning over three decades. With a wealth of knowledge in marketing development, technical design, and project management in both domestic and international contexts, Ned is a valuable asset to any team. His expertise includes site development, hydrology study, grading, drainage design, environment and erosion control and protection, and stormwater quality improvement. Ned is known for his meticulous attention to detail and innovative problem-solving abilities, and is dedicated to delivering top-quality results to his clients. He specializes in Civil Engineering and Hydrology.

Albert Boyd

Project Manager

A uniquely qualified real estate value-add specialist, revenue accelerator, brand evangelist, broker, investor and niche developer with 30+ years of results-oriented multi-disciplinary experience in residential and commercial acquisitions, special asset management and lender negotiations. Proven success in orchestrating development projects, construction budgets, presenting conceptual site plans and value-add solutions to investors, review boards and governmental agencies. An innovative solutions professional managing brokers, investors, development teams, work-outs, REO asset managers, underwriters and attorneys. . Proficient in implementing control systems and managing project teams with full P&L responsibility.

Sydnie Lim

Design & Graphics

Sydnie Lim is a creative director, designer, typographer, and illustrator. She is a talented multi-disciplinary artist who blends art with design in her exceptional work. With a background in graphic design, her award-winning designs have been recognized by prestigious design magazines such as Communication Arts, Graphis, and Print.

While her passion for design initially focused on print, Sydnie's talent extends to various disciplines, including branding and interior design. Originally from Seoul, Korea, she continues to leave a significant impact on the industry. Her typography and illustrations are stunning and convey powerful messages.

Antonio Escandari

Managing Director

Antonio Escandari is a distinguished architect with over 35 years of experience, known for his work with high-profile clients in the United States and abroad.

He has garnered recognition for his diverse technical professional consultancy and construction services, appearing on T.V. programs and in publications. Antonio is also a philanthropist and founder of an international non-profit organization that provides solar power to areas without power grid lines in Africa, demonstrating his commitment to sustainable and socially responsible practices.

His exceptional skills and dedication to excellence have made him a respected figure in the architecture industry. Antonio attended the Universita Degli Studi Di Firenze and Georgia Institute of Technology.

Jintaek Ock

Structural Engineer

Jintaek Ock, is a construction management wizard with over 20 years of experience in the field. With a keen eye for detail and a talent for juggling numerous responsibilities, Jinx is a master of resource management, scheduling, BIM management, and industrial mechanical, electrical, and piping project controls on large-scale projects. His extensive project management experience as an owner's representative in residential and industrial fields speaks volumes about his expertise. He also has impressive cost/budget control skills that ensure smooth project cash flows. Jinx is the "jinx-breaker" for any construction project. He graduated with an M.S. and Ph.D. in Construction Management from University of Florida, Gainesville, FL.

John F. Hodgdon

Project Manager

John has a long history in real estate brokerage and development, including concepting, developing, sales and marketing of residential and commercial condominiums.

John also provides business consulting services, including strategic planning and financial forecasting.

As a project manager for D’Antonio Development Services, John coordinates all facets of real estate development for clients.

Sergio Barbosa

Junior Architect

Introducing Sergio Barbosa, an innovative architect hailing from Portugal. After completing his degree in 2007, Sergio honed his skills as an architectural assistant in his hometown's local council planning department. Since then, he's contributed to the design of various global projects and worked with prestigious architecture practices. In 2015, Sergio achieved his Masters in Architecture of the Landscape, showcasing his passion for sustainable design., Sergio's creative vision and attention to detail make him a valuable asset to any project. Keep an eye on Sergio, as he's sure to make a significant impact in the industry.


If you too share our enthusiasm for creating efficient and effective construction works that are functional in operation and also add to the aesthetics of its surroundings, we are looking for the likes of you! You can be a part of our organization, get familiarized with our operational practices, become a part of the Antonio Family, and make your impact in the exponentially developing world of Engineering and Construction Solutions.

Apart from Construction Services, we also provide Architectural Design Services for various infrastructural, commercial, and residential projects for both private as well as public sectors. You can also provide construction services related to Oil, Gas, and Chemical Industry, Tunnel Construction, Transportation Designing, Tunnels, and Pipelines Construction, Water Planning and Delivery, Hydroelectric Ventures such as Dams, Penstocks, Powerhouses, and Rock Chambers Constructions, and Development of Water Systems for Industrial Customers.

If you’re currently pursuing an undergraduate degree and possess undying love for the construction industry, join us now as an intern and obtain valuable first-hand knowledge of engineering solutions!

You can also apply as a team member at D’Antonio International by dropping down your CV and introduction at our email ID or visiting us at our given address

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